Elite Solar Cube is a turnkey infrastructure solution. It integrates a solar power system that generates, stores, and provides electricity for different Small and Medium Enterprises. The Modularity, Features, and Fittings allow Elite Solar Cube to be an infrastructure solution to versatile businesses such; food stalls, retail hubs, barber’s shop/hair salons, phone charging booths, patient shops, farmers’ market, agency banking, and other business investment. The modules can be arranged, paired up, and added to each other in any way required.

Elite Solar Smart Kiosk Modules

ESSK is the leading independent specialist in the development of customized photovoltaic solutions and smart energy systems.

Africa needs formalized sustainable infrastructure at the street and community level, standardized around convenient, safe, and secure environments for retail-facing sale and access to affordable and available Services. The conceptualization, design, and birth of the “ELITE SOLAR SMART KIOSK” by Elite Logistics And Development Services Limited are based on a strong social responsibility conscience and are focused on redefining the present narrative of under-employment and below-par subsistence of Africa.

    • Support your core business by increasing access to your products.
    • Enhance Brand loyalty.
    • Accelerate roll out of stores for decentralized sales of your products and services even in the most remote areas.
    • Provide a highly visible, secure, and professional branded point of sale in any location.
    • A sales point for your products – A retail kiosk
    • Ensuring a safe and secure project site

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